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Greaseproof Paper Squares, Plain, 255x406mm, 500 pack [GF037]

Line presentation baskets, takeaway boxes and plates with these greaseproof paper squares, already pre-cut to save you time when you're plating up. The greaseproof paper acts as a protective layer which is useful when using stainless steel tableware.

They're ideal for stopping your food sticking to its packaging, and they stop your food from becoming soggy and weak.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 255(W) x 406(L)mm
▪ Material Paper
▪ Weight 2.25kg
▪ Weight - fabric 40g/m²
▪ Ideal for chips in baskets
▪ The grease-resistant qualities will keep hands and serving platters mess-free
▪ The plain white colour allows your vibrant dishes to stand out
▪ The pre-cut sheets ensure consistent presentation
▪ Suitable for use in ovens at temperatures up to 220°C for 20 minutes
▪ These sheets are also safe for use in fridges and freezers
▪ Certified food-safe
▪ The sheets are recyclable if free from heavy soiling
▪ These sheets are ideal for lining baskets, platters and packaging
▪ They can also be used to wrap burgers, sandwiches, cheese and more
▪ Made in the UK
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Colour White