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Fiesta Hot Cup Lid, White, 12/16oz, 50 pack [CE264] (Order in item)

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Keep your takeaway coffee hotter for longer by fitting these plastic lids to your disposable cups. Each sipper dome lid in this pack of 50 is designed to fit Fiesta's range of 340ml (12oz) and 450ml (16oz) takeaway coffee cups.

As well as offering excellent heat retention, they will also protect customers from accidental spillages or burns. These white plastic lids also feature heat warnings and customer preference buttons to help identify the drink without removing the lid. They are fully stackable for easy storage.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 17(H) x 93(Ø)mm
▪ Material Polystyrene
▪ Weight 165g
▪ Retains heat and prevents spills
▪ Safe drinking slot
▪ Cream, black and decaf preference buttons
▪ Fully stackable for compact storage
▪ Fits all Fiesta 12/16oz disposable coffee cups
▪ These lids are not widely accepted for recycling
▪ The lids are not microwave safe