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Fiesta Hot Cup Ripple Wall Kraft, 8oz, 25 pack [GP443]

Practical, reliable, comfortable to hold - everything you need from your disposable coffee cups. These Fiesta kraft cups feature a ripple wall design that traps a pocket of air between layers - this provides outstanding insulation that keeps drinks hotter for longer. Ensure your customers enjoy every last drop before their coffee gets cold. Each 225ml (8oz) disposable cup in this pack of 25 are easy to grip while remaining cool in the hand. Rolled rims provide the perfect fit for lids, which help to keep in the warmth for longer while eliminating the risk of spillages, drips and dribbles.

Product features
▪ Capacity 225ml | 8oz
▪ Dimensions 90(H) x 83(Ø)mm
▪ Material Corrugated Cardboard
▪ Weight 12.6g
▪ Rolled lip adds strength
▪ Perfect for serving small drinks
▪ Triple rippled wall adds insulation
▪ Retains temperature of hot drinks for longer
▪ Secure fit for lids
▪ Lids sold separately (16267), (16382)
▪ The cups can be recycled after use
▪ These cups are not safe for use in microwaves
▪ Ideal for small hot drink and soup servings
▪ These cups can also be used to portion out chips and fried treats
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 22210
Colour Brown