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Fiesta Hot Cup Ripple Wall, Black, 16oz, 500 carton [CM545]

Even the largest takeaway coffee will stay warmer for longer when served in these disposable cups from Fiesta. The ripple wall design of these black kraft cups traps a pocket of air between layers which provides the very best insulation - drink temperature is retained, while the cup remains cool to touch and comfortable to hold. With a 450ml (16oz) capacity, this pack of 500 cups is perfect for serving large coffees and hot drinks. Each disposable cup features a rolled rim, which guarantees a tight and secure fit when using a lid. This also helps to retain the heat while preventing spills, drips or dribbles.

Product Features
▪ Capacity 455ml
▪ Dimensions 130(H) x 89.5(Ø)mm
▪ Material Corrugated Cardboard
▪ Weight 9.2kg
▪ Rolled lip adds strength
▪ Perfect for serving large drinks
▪ Triple rippled wall adds insulation
▪ Retains temperature of hot drinks for longer
▪ Secure fit for lids
▪ Lids sold separately (16268) (16345)
▪ The cups can be recycled after use
▪ These cups are not microwave safe
▪ Perfect for serving large drinks and soups
▪ These cups can also be used to portion out chips and fried goods
▪ Lids sold separately
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 21330
Colour Black