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Fiesta Green PLA Hot Cups Single Wall, 8oz, 1000 carton [DS056]

Marrying sustainability and practicality, this pack of 1000 x Fiesta Green 8oz single wall compostable hot cups is a must-have for any green-minded festival, food market, coffee shop or café.

With a lining made from plant-based materials, these hot cups are fully compostable, decreasing your environmental impact while also helping you appeal to the ever-growing market of eco-conscious consumers. This plant-based lining does not sacrifice on functionality however. The combination of premium paper and plant-based materials makes these cups immensely strong and rigid, ensuring they can withstand rigorous use in any indoor or outdoor commercial venue. Sold in a bulk pack of 1000, these cups will last you an age, saving you money on frequent repurchases.

Product features
▪ Capacity 225ml
▪ Dimensions 90(H) x 79(Ø)mm
▪ Material Paper and PLA
▪ Weight 7.8g
▪ The cups are made from FSC-certified paper and feature a PLA lining
▪ PLA is a renewable, plant-based alternative to traditional plastic
▪ The cups are fully compostable in under 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility
▪ Certified compostable to the BS EN 13432 standard
▪ Greener alternatives to traditional, plastic-lined hot cups
▪ The cups emit less carbon during production than standard, plastic-lined alternatives
▪ The cups are clearly marked as "100% compostable"
▪ Suitable for temperatures up to 100°C
▪ These cups are not widely accepted for recycling
▪ The cups are not microwave safe
▪ These single-wall cups should be used with the corrugated 8oz cup sleeves
▪ Lids available separately
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 21769