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Fiesta Duplicate Waiter Pad, Large, White, 50 pack [E168]

Perfect for taking larger orders at tables in busy restaurants, these large waiter pads from Fiesta will help your service operation run more efficiently and smoothly. Each pad in this pack is capable of taking 50 orders and creating a duplicate copy. They are designed to make it easy to record orders from large parties, with convenient boxes for table number, number of covers, date and initials. Every sheet in these order pads is numbered, so tracking your order history is equally effortless.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 10(H) x 89(W) x 165(D)mm
▪ Material Paper
▪ Weight 7kg
▪ Produces 2 copies of each order
▪ 50 (x2) numbered pages
▪ Perforated for easy tearing
▪ End folded
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 21777