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Fameg Bentwood Fanback Sidechain (Walnut Effect), 2 pack [CF143]

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The fanback bentwood sidechairs from Fameg are designed for comfort, longevity and style using a historic hand-pressed technique that has been in practice for over 130 years. Michael Thonet's revolutionary manufacturing method uses steam to bend strong beech wood into shape, ensuring the chairs are not only stylish but also extremely durable. The walnut finish gleams under the light, even out of the spotlight and is sure to catch the eye of your customers. Swatches available on request.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 790(H) x 465(W) x 460(D) mm
▪ Material Beech
▪ Weight 4kg
▪ Emboss seat
▪ Fully Assembled
▪ Indoor Use Only
▪ Seat Height: 460mm
▪ Swatches available on request