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Duralex Prisme Tumbler, 270ml, 6 pack

From Duralex, a glass which is strong and attractive. Made from virtually unbreakable tempered glass, this tumbler is ideal for repeated and intense use in a variety of environments. Its toughened glass construction means this tumbler is able to handle both ice cold and boiling hot temperatures. After use, it is safe to wash this glass in your commercial glass washer.

Product Features
▪ Capacity 270ml
▪ Material Toughened glass
▪ Weight 260g
▪ Made from tempered glass: suitable for both hot and cold liquids
▪ Practically unbreakable: you won't have to replace this glass for many years
▪ Comfortable for the customer to hold
Brand Duralex
SKU # 19549
Colour Clear