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Fiesta Duplicate Waiter Pad, Small, White, 50 pack [E167]

Keep things simple with these duplicate check pads. Unmarked to give you control over your ordering system, these practical, perforated duplicate order pads are compact enough to fit discreetly into waiting staff's pockets. Each two part waitress pad can take 50 orders and produce a copy of each, allowing you to enter check information into the till at the same time that it arrives in the kitchen. Perhaps this is why duplicate docket pads have become such an essential part of many catering businesses' operations.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 76
▪ Material Paper
▪ Weight 5kg
▪ Produces 2 copies of each order
▪ 50 (x 2) numbered pages
▪ Perforated for easy tearing
▪ End folded
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 21776