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Dick Premier Plus Flexible Filleting Knife, 180mm [GD070]

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Filleting knives simply remove bones from cuts of meat. They're normally used for fish but can be used to trim fat from small game too.

Dick's Premier Plus filleting knife's blade is finished with a fine point that's perfect for piercing flesh, and its sharp blade easily slices between the skin and top layer of meat. The handle and blade are seamlessly connected, so it's comfortable to hold no matter what angle you handle the knife. And as it's triple riveted there's no chance the blade will separate from the handle.

Product features

▪ Material Chromium strengthened stainless steel
▪ Rockwell hardness rating 56°
▪ Weight 150g
▪ Incredibly sharp knife made from premium quality German stainless steel
▪ Perfect for use in any kitchen
▪ Hygienic solid plastic handle
▪ Age restricted - you must be 16+ to buy this product in NSW and South Australia, 18+ in all other areas