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Dick 1905 Santoku Knife, 180mm [DL318]

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This 1905 range from Dick has symmetrical steel rings that are inseparably connected to the moulded handle, making the knife one of the strongest on the market. The Santoku knifes blade is made from the best quality German stainless steel with a unique, dynamic and sharp cutting edge, just what every professional chef needs.

Product Features
▪ Material German Steel
▪ Rockwell hardness rating 56°
▪ Weight 330g
▪ Blade made from the very finest German steel, with a hardness of 56HRc
▪ Blade-targeted tempering in several stages to give the blade a unique, dynamic, and sharp cutting edge
▪ Half-bolster allows you to use the full length of the blade, and also allows for re-sharpening
▪ Distinctive steel rings embedded in handle for a stunning finish
▪ Hand washing recommended
▪ Age restricted - you must be 16+ to buy this product in NSW and South Australia, 18+ in all other areas