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Hygiplas Chopping Board Brush, White (Bakery/Dairy), 150mm (DM043)

Keep your chopping boards in perfect condition. The durable and rugged nylon bristles on this white chopping board brush will clean inside any small nicks, scratches or cracks - they will remove waste without absorbing food oils, and can withstand high temperatures. The brush features an easy-grip white handle which makes it instantly identifiable for use with bakery or dairy chopping boards. Maintain impeccable hygiene levels and eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Product features

▪ Material Nylon
▪ Weight 120g
▪ Rugged nylon bristles
▪ Perfect for cleaning chopping boards
▪ Helps to prevent cross contamination
▪ Great for counter tops and other kitchen surfaces
▪ White for use with bakery or dairy products
Brand Hygiplas
SKU # 06157
Colour White