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Cocktail Stirrers, Black, 185mm, 100 pack [CC429]

These highly stylish black polystyrene cocktail stirrers are ideal for all bar mixer and cocktail drinks, featuring a long shaft which allows it to reach the bottom of tall drinks for stirring. The stirrers also have a ball at one end to keep fruit and vegetable garnishes in place for best presentation.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 180(H) x 30(Ø)mm
▪ Material Plastic
▪ Weight 310g
▪ Sleek, stylish design
▪ Rounded ball at one end to keep garnishes in place
▪ Long shaft able to reach the bottom of the glass
▪ Perfect for mixing and stirring drinks
▪ Ideal for hiball glasses and long cocktail glasses
Brand Fiesta
SKU # 21129
Colour Black