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Chrome Folding Tray Stand [C163]

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A must-have for any front-of-house environment, this Kristallon chrome folding tray stand ensures your service runs smoothly at all times. Easy to use and transport, this stand allows your waiting staff to set the tray down when serving food or drink, ensuring they can safely lift items off the tray to serve to customers in a safe and professional manner. Featuring a chrome-plated steel construction, this tray stand is remarkably robust and durable, allowing it to endure the rigours of commercial use. The chrome-plated build also gives it a high-polish finish, adding elegance and sophistication to your service. The stand is designed specifically for use with the hardwearing service tray (21021) (sold separately).

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 725(H) x 395(W)mm
▪ Material Chrome-Plated Steel
▪ Weight 2.47kg
▪ Fits oval tray (21021) (sold separately)
▪ Attractive shiny chrome finish to attract customers
▪ Resistant to a wide range of temperatures
▪ Highly durable
▪ Easy to clean
▪ Folds for easy storage and effortless use
▪ Ensures safe serving in front-of-house environments