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Slipbuster Chef's Shoes 40 A844-40 (Order In Item)

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Product Features

▪ Looking for a polished and professional shoe for all members of staff? Then the Lites safety lace up shoe will be perfect for you. Thanks to the smart black appearance these shoes go with any staff uniform, making them a popular choice for both casual and formal settings.
▪ And as the shoes come with a 200 joule plastic-coated protective toe cap you can be sure your staff will have safe and dry feet at the end of every shift - allowing them to keep comfortable through the long industry hours.
▪ Also the shoes are slip resistant giving added grip when your staff are always on the move so they can have the ability to grip the sometimes slick surface of a kitchen floor without the worry of injuring themselves.
▪ Boasting the ultra-lightweight material these shoes are 4 times more breathable than standard leather alternatives, so they're packed with features to provide greater comfort when staff are on their feet for hours at a time.
▪ And the soft cotton fibre lining allows your staffs skin to breathe which reduces any sweating and potential rubbing from happening.
▪ Featuring energy absorbing heels these lace up shoes help to reduce tiredness at the end of each shifts, so your feet feel less worn out compared to standard shoes.
▪ Made with anti-static materials, they help to conduct electricity so your staff can have protection against the dangers of static build-up in the workplace.
▪ And these shoes are machine washable, giving the easy cleaning option for chefs who work long hours - allowing them to keep their shoes fresh and hygienic for their next shift.
▪ Material Polyurethane
▪ Weight 840g
▪ 200J toe cap protection against impact or compression
▪ 200 joule plastic coated protective toe cap keeps feet dry and unharmed
▪ Lightweight material, great for being on your feet all day
▪ Oil and slip-resistant sole for extra grip in busy kitchens
▪ Anti-static protection provides added safety
▪ Energy-absorbing heel offers relief during long shifts
▪ Comfortable cotton fibre lining
▪ Ultra lightweight for all-day comfort
▪ Four times more breathable than leather
▪ Professional appearance to suit all staff uniforms
▪ Robust design stands up to everyday commercial use
▪ Machine washable for easy cleaning