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Castle Limo Citrus Solvent, 5lt

LIMO is a specially designed citrus extract based solvent degreaser that instantly emulsifies grease, oil and tar and contains no phosphates.
LIMO is described as a “Quick Break Detergent” and has been tested to break within the 10 minute parameter.

Product features

▪ Removes tar, grease and grime, and many protective coatings.
▪ When mixed with 3 parts water, is safer to use than ordinary cleaning solvents.
▪ Mixes with water for more economical degreasing.
▪ No obnoxious odours or harsh toxic fumes when extended with water.
▪ Requires little or no scrubbing - just spray on, work 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse off with a pressure hose.
Brand Castle
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