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Apuro Vacuum Pack Machine [CD204-A]

Preserve food and prevent wastage with the Apuro vacuum packing machine. Powerful and easy to use, food can be stored in vacuum sealed bags either for storage, freezing or sous vide cooking. Suitable for use with Vogue vacuum bags up to 310mm. Incredibly easy to clean, the vacuum pack machine saves time and money.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 85(H) x 390(W) x 160(D) mm
▪ Power Type 110W
▪ Voltage 230V
▪ Warranty 1 Year
▪ Weight 1.8kg
▪ 2 adjustable seal time options
▪ Protects from oxygen, moisture and freezer burn
▪ Separate bag seal function
▪ Easy to clean
Brand Apuro
SKU # 05634
Colour White