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Acme Flat White Cups, Feijoa Green, 150ml, 6 pack [FF956]

Taking its name from Australia's famous coffee creation, the Flat White from Acme is every bit as stylish and sophisticated as the drink itself. The 150ml cups are the perfect size for serving single or double shot milk beverages as well as classic filter coffee. A smooth inner gradient ensures a far easier pour when adding milk, while a thick narrow base design retains heat to keep coffee hotter for longer. Pair them up with matching Acme Feijoa 14cm saucers (29749) to complete the look.

Product features
▪ Capacity 150ml
▪ Dimensions 60(H) x 90(Ø)mm
▪ Weight 310g
▪ Elegant high quality porcelain
▪ Thick walled base retains heat
▪ Smooth interior gradient perfect for pouring steamed milk into
▪ Easy to hold
▪ Stackable design
▪ 48mm base diameter
▪ 87mm outside diameter
▪ Matches the Acme Feijoa 14cm saucer (29749)
Brand ACME
SKU # 29750
Colour Green